Trauma Awareness Scholarship

This Scholarship was created out of a desire to join collectively with those seeking financial assistance, to uplift and empower trauma survivors. With this scholarship, we aim to contribute to higher education for one empowered trauma survivor, while raising awareness of the presence of Oasis Recovery; and our mission- to help those who have been affected by trauma, specifically addicts and alcoholics, heal and find freedom.

You can apply for this scholarship by clicking on any of the “apply now” buttons on this page, prepare a 500-1000 word essay about the following:

How has your experience with trauma influenced your beliefs, aspirations, and life path, and how have you been able to heal from/rise above traumatic experiences?

This scholarship is open to all college students, at any point in their college careers.

The only requirement is that you have experienced/gotten through trauma- A deeply distressing or disturbing experience.
Applicants will need to submit an official transcript and one letter of recommendation in addition to submitting an essay.