Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Training Fellowship for Medical Students

*Must pursue full-time study toward a Ph.D. or an Sc.D. degree in selected biological science.
*Fellowships support training in fundamental research—toward understanding basic biological processes or disease mechanisms—in the following fields: biochemistry, bioinformatics, biophysics, biostatistics, cell biology, developmental biology, epidemiology, genetics, immunology, mathematical & computational biology, microbiology, molecular biology, neuroscience, pharmacology, physiology, structural biology, or virology
*In general, study must be in a biological sciences dept., although study in chemistry, mathematics, computer science, engineering, physics, or other related departments is allowed if the dept. provides ample opportuniity for formal study in biological sciences. Exceptions are reviewed on an individual basis
*At the time of application, may be college seniors, college graduates with no or limited postbaccalaureate graduate study in the biological sciences, or first-year graduate students. Intended for students who have completed less than one year of graduate study toward an M.S., a Ph.D., or an Sc.D. degree in the biological sciences. Students who hold or are pursuing medical or dental degrees (M.D., D.O., D.V.M., D.D.S.) may also be eligible to apply for fellowship support for study toward a Ph.D. or an Sc.D.
*Open to both U.S. citizens and foreign citizens. Students with U.S. citizenship may take the fellowship abroad. Non-U.S. citizens must study in the United States
*Annual stipend of $21,000, an annual fellow’s allowance of $2,500, & an annual institutional allowance of $13,500. Fellowship award is for 5 years
*Availability of support after the first year of a fellowship award is contingent on the fellowship institution’s annual certification to HHMI that the fellow is making satisfactory academic progress. Except for an approved leave of absence, fellows must use the fellowship within 5 successive years. Fellows must engage in their Ph.D. or Sc.D. studies full-time for 12 months of each fellowship year, & the fellowship years must be consecutive
*Fellows are not permitted to supplement the stipend by private employment or consulting work or to receive funds from another external fellowship, scholarship, or similar award. Fellowship institution may supplement the stipend in accordance with its usual policy for comparable graduate students