Amelia Earhart Fellowship Awards for Women

*For women of any nationality who are pursuing graduate degrees in aerospace-related sciences and aerospace-related engineering
*Have completed bachelor’s degree in qualifying area of science or engineering closely related to advanced studies in aerospace-related science or aerospace-related engineering
*Demonstrate a superior academic record with evidence of potential at a recognized university or college as verified by transcripts, recommendations & acceptance or verification by an institution of higher education with accredited courses in aerospace-related studies
*Provide evidence of a well-defined research program in aerospace-related science or aerospace-related engineering as described in the application essay, research & publications. Clearly demonstrate the relationship of her research to aerospace & furnish verification of her research program through at least one of the referees providing the recommendation required with the application
*By the time the fellowship grant is awarded, have completed one year of aerospace-related graduate studies at a well-recognized institution of higher education
*Award may be used at any university or college offering accredited graduate courses & degrees in aerospace studies
*Awards may be renewed for an additional year & will undergo the same application & evaluation procedures as first-time applicants
*Application are accepted by fax or mail; however, email submissions are preferred. Application submitted by email much be signed and sent as a pdf.
For questions, please contact