Arxan Cyber Security Scholarship

Applicants must submit a essay (800-1500 words) focused on the topic of application security (mobile, desktop, embedded or server apps), answering the following questions from Section 1 and 2.
Section 1 – Choose from one of the following questions:
•How are application attacks being launched and how frequently? (provide examples)
•What are the risks to software applications in distributed environments such as on mobile devices or as part of the Internet of Things/embedded computing (connected car, medical devices, home automation, wearables, etc.)?
•What are the risks to software applications within industry verticals? Choose from one or more of the following industries: •Digital Media
•Mobile Payments
•Financial Services
•Software Publishers
Section 2 –
•Describe how application hardening and run-time protection mitigate security risks, linking to the points raised in Section 1.
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$2,000 awarded to one student per semester