Boettcher Foundation Scholarship

Be a graduating Colorado high school senior who has lived in Colorado for your full junior and senior years of high school;
Apply during the fall of what is your final year of high school (the equivalent of your senior year), even if you are graduating early or considering taking a gap year after graduation;
Graduate from a Colorado high school
AND one of the following:
Be a citizen, legal permanent resident, or lawfully present (including through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)) in the United States
Meet the requirements and have applied or started the process of applying for citizenship, legal status or lawful presence. (Although students can be in the application process for citizenship, legal status, or lawful presence during the Boettcher selection timeframe, in order to become a Boettcher Scholar, you must provide documentation that shows you have successfully completed the process.)

$20,000 per year for 4 years

How to Apply
On website

Scholarship website

*600 Seventeenth Street Suite 2210 South Denver, Colorado 80202-5422
*Phone 303-534-1937 Toll-free 800-323-9640