Morris K. Udall Scholarship Undergraduate Scholarship

*Approx. 120 scholarships made on basis of merit to two groups of students:
*1) College sophomores or juniors in the current academic year who have outstanding potential & who study the environmental & related fields. “Sophomore” is defined as a student who plans two more years of full-time undergraduate study beginning the next academic year. “Junior” is student who plans one more year of full-time undergraduate study beginning the next academic year
*2) Native American & Alaska Native students who are college sophomores or juniors in the current academic year, who have outstanding potential, & are in fields related to health care or tribal policy. Documentation must be provided for tribal affiliation
*College GPA of at least a “B” or the equivalent. Must be U.S. citizen, permanent resident alien, or U.S. national
*Two-year & four-year institutions are eligible to nominate a total of 6 students from either or both categories; recommended that total be equally divided
*Student must be nominated by his/her college/university using official nomination materials provided to each institution. Faculty representative serves as a liaison between institution & the Foundation. Faculty representative publicizes Udall Scholarship on campus, solicits faculty recommendations of outstanding students, establishes a process to select best-qualified candidates, helps nominees prepare for competition, & ensures nominations are complete & forwarded to Udall Scholarship Review Committee by stated deadline
*Broad range of disciplines. Majors have included: environmental engineering, agriculture, biology & other natural sciences, natural resource management, political science, sociology, anthropology, geography, cultural studies, history, public policy, & pre-law
*Native American & Alaska Native scholars have come from such backgrounds as American Indian studies, political science, sociology, geography, anthropology, tribal policy, economic development, government, health care, health sciences, & health policy
*Is anticipated that plan of study will include coursework in ethics & public policy and/or public or community service experience in the area of the candidate’s career field
*Each scholar receives up to $5,000, or the cost of tuition, fees, books, and room & board, whichever is less
*Scholars selected during their sophomore year may be renominated during the next year’s competition. Junior nominees may not be renominated. Freshmen are not eligible