1) High school senior applying for full-time undergraduate admissions to a degree-seeking program in the College of Liberal Arts at Colorado State University 2) Any major 3) Maintain an overall 3.8 GPA throughout high school 4) Demonstrate high level of academic performance and superior scholastic ability 5) Possess exceptional character and leadership potential 6) Illustrate a commitment to a liberal arts education (Once accepted as a Blake Leadership Scholar, awards are renewed each academic year year provided the student maintains a 3.5 GPA, be a full time student (24 credits per year) with a primary major in the College of Liberal Arts, maintain active engagement with the Blake Leadership Scholars program which can be defined as event participation, community outreach, and interaction with faculty mentor)

College of Liberal Arts
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please answer the following essay questions (approximately 500 words each) 1. The values promoted by the Blake Leadership Scholars Program are academic excellence, leadership, exceptional character, and civic engagement. Please discuss what these values mean to you and detail how these values are consistent with your accomplishments to date. Rather than listing your accomplishments, we encourage you to go into depth with an example or two. 2. An important principle of the Blake Leadership Scholars program is a belief in the value of a liberal arts education. Please discuss why you believe a liberal arts education is important and detail how your academic interests and goals overlap with those beliefs.