Longmont United Hospital Foundation Scholarship/Loan

*The Longmont United Hospital Foundation has a limited number of merit based scholarships/loans available for those pursuing a career in the healthcare field. Scholarships/loans will be awarded based on scholastic and personal achievement without regard to financial need. Full tuition assistance may be awarded to applicants who qualify.
*Students who receive scholarships/loans will be required to apply at Longmont United Hospital for employment upon completion of their studies. If employment is not offered, then their will be no repayment required. Repayent of all funds received is required if: 1) a student fails to complete their studies or 2) does not apply at Longmont United Hospital or 3) does not accept employment with LUH and fulfill a two year work obligation after graduation. If repayment is required, then the scholarship/loan will be interest free up to two years. After the two year period, recipients will be required to pay back their scholarship/loan at an 8% interest rate.
*Applicants who wish to enter a healthcare profession that works in direct patient care in a hospital setting will be considered. Simply “majoring” in a healthcare field at an institution does not necessarily qualify for scholarship assistance. You must complete all required pre-requisite course work and be accepted into the actual healthcare school or program in your field of study before your application will be considered.
*Applications may be picked up at the address above. Applicants will be notified of awards no later than June 2014.
*Scholarship applications are available the first week in January and must be completed and returned to the Foundation no later than the last business day in March.