Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund

*Dependent children or spouses of persons who were killed or are permanently disabled as a result of the terrorist attacks in the United States on Tuesday, September 11, 2001
*Must be students who plan to enroll in or are already enrolled in a course of study at an accredited two- or four-year college, university, or vocational-technical school based in the United States
*Must be financially needy. Financial need is determined by what a family can afford compared to the cost of the postsecondary institution
*Individual education assistance amounts will be determined based on funds available & financial need
*Depending on total funding available, education assistance may be renewable for up to 3 years for undergraduate study
*Must achieve satisfactory academic progress
*Starting date of program was January 2002; no deadline listed
*May apply for education assistance as seniors in high school or in following years
*Questions: 1-877-862-0136 & ask for the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund program manager, or e-mail (above)
*May also visit www.scholarships911.org.org