1) CO resident enrolling as a full-time freshman at CSU 2) Demonstrate financial need as established by the Office of SFS of CSU 3) Exhibit superior academic achievement demonstrated by high school GPA, SAT scores, as well as academic rigor 4) Demonstrate future potential by evidence of qualities such as leadership & outstanding character 5) Demonstrate prior community service or appreciation of “giving back” to community 6) Preference given to students who are 1st generation in family to graduate from college (The Anschutz Scholars may renew provided that the recipient(s) continue to meet certain criteria)

Office of Financial Aid
Supplemental Questions
  1. How will the Anschutz Foundation Scholarship (approximately $8900, renewable) help you fulfill your goals and aspirations for the future? (Limit response to 250 words.)
  2. Describe your most significant service experience and the impact it has had on your life. (Limit response to 250 words.)
  3. Describe a time outside of the classroom where you showed initiative to better an organization and explain the role you played. (Limit response to 250 words.)