1) Full-time undergraduate student enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts with a class level or junior or senior 2) Have completed at least 15 credits at CSU 3) Demonstrate financial need as established by the Office of Student Financial Services of CSU by submitting a description and explanation of such need 4) Demonstrate potential for academic, career and life success 5) Maintain an overall 3.0 GPA 6) Preference shall be given to underrepresented populations and/or non-traditional students 7) Preference shall also be given to Colorado residents

College of Liberal Arts
Supplemental Questions
  1. The focus of this scholarship is students who are nearing graduation, who have a clear idea of what they wish to accomplish, and who might have to withdraw from the university and forego graduation without additional financial assistance. Please explain your financial situation and describe the impact this scholarship will have in allowing you to finish your degree.