Mental Health Education Scholarship

Seasons, a mental health treatment center, specializing in the treatment of mental health disorders is seeking to award $1,500 in scholarships to students enrolled in studies dealing with the subject of mental health.

A mental health disorder can be the result of biological, environmental, or a combination of the both factors. The treatment of such disorders can be multi-faceted, incorporating western and eastern medicine techniques and traditions.

Mental health care can be given to treat the symptoms of a disorder or be used as a preventative for the promotion of a well-balanced state of mind.

Questions to be answered in your Essay/Application
What are the differences in the methodologies of mental health treatment between Eastern and Western medicine traditions?
What are good examples of using these treatments synergistically in providing quality mental health care?
Are there other modes of treatment outside of western and eastern medicine traditions that can also be of value in providing mental health care?
What practices can be incorporated in one’s life to promote better states of mental health?
Are there any determinants which have been shown to lead to better states of mental health? What are some these factors?
Can society play a role in promoting positive states of mental health for its citizen’s? How so?