Wakeford Law Firm 2021 Driver Safety Scholarship

Wakeford Law Firm is proud to introduce the 2021 Driver Safety Scholarship Blog Contest!

In 2017, more than 3,500 people died in car accidents in California. Our firm is located in San Francisco, and we see first hand the devastation that car accidents can cause in our state.

Though we’re based in California, we understand that car accidents are a serious issue throughout the country. Therefore, we don’t limit our scholarship to California but offer it nationwide.

Here’s how you can enter:

Write a maximum 500 word blog post covering “5 Tips for Driver Safety in 2019.” Your work should be original and should include at least one original graphic or image.
Submit your blog post via the submission form on this page. Be sure to include all relevant details

Our firm will offer the winner of our blog contest a $1000 scholarship for their education. We’ll send a check on the winning student’s behalf directly to their financial aid office.