Scholarship Program For Interior Design

Interior designers who want to apply for the scholarship program, have to send us “Digital Application Package”. If our team finds it impressive enough, we will award the scholarship to those particular designers.

Application Package Must Include:

Your typed essay (a minimum of 200 words) – Why I want to pursue a career in Interior Design.
Your typed essay (a minimum of 200 words) – Research the design ideas of a mid-century modern architect or designer and discuss how such architect or designer incorporated modernist ideas in one of their projects (i.e. building, interior, architectural element). An interior design plan for a living room inspired by mid-century design, art and architecture to include:
1. A typed concept statement stating what modernist ideas inspired your design.
2. A floor plan of the room 1/4” to 1’ 0”scale.
3. An elevation of an architectural element such as a fireplace front, built-in furniture, window or door inspired by the architect/designer that you researched.
4. A color rendered perspective of the room in your choice of medium.
5. A color scheme presentation board for the room, showing actual fabric samples or color reproduction of wall, window, floor coverings and furniture with each sample numbered.
6. A typed chart accompanying the color scheme board that identifies the fabric type, paint or wall covering, flooring, and furniture and the usage of each sample by number.