Law Firm Marketing Scholarship

Welcome to the OptimizeMyFirm Law Firm Marketing Scholarship. We are proud to be offering the 2019-2020 scholarship to students with creative marketing ideas. The scholarship is not limited to students pursuing marketing degrees.

One student will be awarded $1,000; (nonrenewable). The scholarship application deadline is May 15, 2020. The awarded student will be contacted by us directly around May 22, 2020.

Please write a 500ish word article telling us how you would market a personal injury law firm. Alternatively, YouTube videos or other creations will be accepted as well (there’s really no right or wrong way to do this).

Imagine you are a good, ethical attorney who helps people when insurers are working against them, and you are seeking new leads from injured clients. How would you get them? You could be a solo operation who takes in 5 or 6 good cases each year, or you could have a large firm with a team of attorneys and a large advertising budget.

Many traditional forms of marketing simply do not work – especially since nobody really wants an attorney. Historically, many personal injury law firms relied upon word of mouth advertising or phone book advertising. These days, some law firms use branding and repetitive television commercials. Others rely on showing up in Google search results so that when people need a lawyer and have the intention of finding one, they’re easily accessible. And yet others find a very specific niche, such as motorcycles.

So, how would you market YOUR firm?