Save The Air Scholarship

We will help at least one student by offering them an opportunity to win a $1500.00 scholarship which is awarded to the student who writes the best essay based on one the topics we have provided below. This is a unique opportunity to fund your education and dreams. There are no fees involved at all, as the application for this scholarship is completely free of charge. Please read our guidelines and rules below for official entry, and let’s make the air more breathable for everyone!

Each year we expect students to compose an essay about a topic related to the field of HVAC-R. For this year’s scholarship, carefully research and compose an essay of at least 850 words concerning one of the topics below:
● How do air conditioning and heating products contribute to outdoor air pollution?
● Describe how a building’s design and structure affect HVAC energy efficiency.
● In detail, describe how CFC and HCFC refrigerants can affect ozone depletion.
● What causes indoor air pollution and what are some HVAC related technologies that exist to improve indoor air quality and how do they work?
● In the simple layman’s terms, describe how the vapor-compression refrigeration system works to cool or heat a home.