Annual Gamer's Scholarship Program

Calling out all student gamers and gaming enthusiasts all over the world!

GamingScan is giving out $1500 through our Annual Gamer’s Scholarship Program. We want to reward a student who can make an impact by writing a piece about gaming.

Are you up for it? Here’s what you need to do:
1. In no less than 500 words, write a compelling essay about this year’s chosen topic: “Debunking Gaming Stereotypes”. We want to see the most common stereotypes about gaming and gamers, and then a contrasting explanation of what or how it really is in real life. You may include your own experience or those of people you know.
2. Write a short biography (100 words) about yourself and include at the bottom of the page a personal information section (full name, age, address, school, contact number and you’re all-time favorite game).
3. Email the essay and biography (.docx) along with a copy of your school’s admission form to We will accept applications until May 10, 2018 and announce our decision after 5 days.