Healthy Future Scholarship

With a human commodity centered in our field of working, we are a company that cares a lot about people’s health and their life during and after work. Quality of life is constantly improving in the world of the oversized recliner as well as outdoor recliner, and as we grow our community and create the best possible choice for everybody who visits our website.
Although we care for a people’s health during work, we want to raise awareness of how important furniture is for this improvement. That’s why this year’s essay topic is ˮLife at a computer desk: health risks and possible solutionsˮ. We want you to complete the following:

  • Write about health risks people confront during working hours at a computer desk and what are the possible solutions that will resolve some of the problems. Include the furniture and how is it important for people’s health at work. Consider things like ergonomics and possible features, for instance lift recliners feature a lift function to help people stand.